OpenTracks Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to frame personal information and publications on the OpenTracks application / site, referred to as the "site", vis-à-vis its user, hereinafter referred to as "Tracker".

OpenTracks guarantees you a brief confidentiality charter (in order to be quickly read in its entirety), clear (understandable and accessible to all) and ethical (we would not subject you to what we would not want for ourselves).

Please read this charter carefully to find out and understand the collection and use of your personal data.

1. Summary of engagement and information collected

The Opentracks site undertakes to respect and protect the confidentiality of the personal information collected by the website and the OpenTracks application; systems that can be regularly updated.

The confidentiality policy here exhaustively lists all the personal data that can be collected and their use in OpenTracks productions, including:

  • Personal information such as surname, first name, e-mail when the Tracker creates his account;
  • The information collected by tracking technologies such as the phone's GPS or web browser, to guide the Tracker during his activity;
  • Information from the tracker device that connects to the website such as operating system, type of device used, web browser, IP, in order to further improve the user experience;
  • The notices and messages that the Tracker posts on an activity;
  • The activities that the Tracker shares, follows or publishes on the site;
  • The mini-communities and events it creates or follows.

2. Confidentiality and security

The OpenTracks site places great importance on the security of your personal information collected. We do not share your personal Tracker data with third parties. If you have questions about the security of your data, you can ask your questions at this email address:

The data of the Trackers community are hosted on a server located at the company OVH SAS, whose head office is located at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France. It is possible to contact them on

Each Tracker's password is encrypted and stored in the OpenTracks databases. It is therefore impossible for us to know it. However, it is your responsibility to change it regularly and not to use the same password on several websites or other applications.

In the event that there is a violation of the integrity of your data, in accordance with the law, we will notify the CNIL within a legal period of 72 hours and yourself. We would then take all necessary measures to ensure that this does not happen again.

3. Tracking technologies

The OpenTracks site uses GPS tracking technology based on Javascript script in order to geolocate the Tracker on a map, after explicit acceptance by him. We retrieve latitude, longitude and altitude. We also use this technology to offer you activities around your location. The site undertakes not to use your position data for any use other than those mentioned above.

When the Tracker records a live activity or plans it via our planning interface, the site collects data from these activities (duration, length, elevation, description, points of interest, photos ...) and sends them directly on its servers.

Each record can be modified, completed and deleted by the Tracker, via the site.

Each new activity that he creates is visible to everyone only if the Tracker decides to publish it. The Tracker must then make an explicit request via the "Publish" button, otherwise the activity will only be accessible to himself and to the people to whom he shares it, by e-mail or on his favorite social network.

Each mini-community and associated event that the Tracker created is visible to everyone only if it decides to make it public, or private (for the latter case, joining the mini-community requires prior validation by the administrator of that- this).

4. Local storage of your data on your device

The OpenTracks site uses local device storage to permanently save Tracker connection information. This saves him from informing them of each use.

The site also uses this technology to temporarily store activities when the Tracker is offline, so that you can record them once you recover an internet connection. We therefore delete this data after registration.

5. Information collected on your device type

Our site uses technology to recover data from your following device: operating system version, web browser and its version, IP. The goal is to recover bugs, freezes and other problems that you encounter, occurring during your use of the OpenTracks site. This information is automatically deleted after 30 days.

6. Copyright and use of the data collected

The Tracker remains the holder of all of his intellectual property rights over all of his contributions: activities and their metadata (geolocated layout, practical information, photographs ...), mini-communities as well as on his comments and published notices .

However, by publishing his activities on the site, the Tracker agrees that these will be enriched, supplemented and improved by other Trackers or by the publisher of the site himself.

In addition, by sharing a publication on the site, he cedes to the publishers the non-exclusive and free right to represent, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute and distribute his publication, directly or by an authorized third party, worldwide whole, on any digital or physical medium (such as internet, mobile phone network, social networks), for the duration of the intellectual property. In practice, OpenTracks guarantees that this granted right will only be used for community sharing purposes (such as by sending newsletters to Trackers on new shared activities) or for promotional purposes (such as articles published on the blog or OpenTracks social networks, aimed at highlighting the interest of one or more activities, or presenting real user feedback on our services).

Likewise, by creating mini-communities on the site, the Tracker agrees that these will be maintained, updated and that the administration will be transmitted to another Tracker if the Tracker is no longer active in the community. for more than a year.

The publishers undertake to include the member's public name near each use of their publications.

7. Duration of storage of collected data

OpenTracks being a community site, geolocalized recordings, comments, opinions and other information relating to your activities deliberately made public or shared with a third party are preserved without limit of duration. If you decide to delete your account, this data will then be anonymized.

On the other hand, the Tracker's private activities are kept until action to the contrary on his part (manual deletion from the "My Activities" section) or when he decides to delete his account.

8. Rights of access, correction, deletion and transferability of your data

Under the Data Protection Act, on January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, rectify your personal data via our “my account” interface or to object, transfer and delete your account via a request to .

After verifying your identity (send a copy of your identity card), we will process your request within a maximum of one month.

9. Apple, Google and Facebook data

In order to improve the user experience, it is possible to log in using the Apple, Google and Facebook login interface. By using these connection interfaces, the e-mail address is retrieved in order to identify the user. If the person is not registered, the e-mail address, profile photo and username will be used in order to facilitate the account creation.

10. Acceptance of the confidentiality charter

By using OpenTracks, through the site or the application, you accept all the provisions of this privacy policy. You therefore agree that OpenTracks collects and processes the aforementioned data in accordance with what is described in this charter.